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Bioethanol - Perfect for cleaning and your ethanol fireplace!

Bioethanol offers numerous advantages over synthetic alcohol. Thus, it is completely biodegradable and was produced climate neutrally. However, its cleaning performance is as high as that of the non-biological product. Depending on the comparator chosen, it may even be significantly higher. The bioethanol obtained from naturally growing raw materials thereby removes all kinds of grease residues gently and yet reliably strong. In addition, it is ideal for pre-cleaning, which should be done before sealing. Smooth surfaces, on which grease residues or fingerprints are clearly visible in the untreated state, receive a natural protective layer thanks to the bio ethanol. This proves its worth in sensitive areas such as the food industry, agriculture or gastronomy. Finally, it also has a disinfecting character.

Bioethanol and its many applications

Bioalcohol can be used flexibly. On the one hand, it is excellent for pre-cleaning before sealing surfaces. On the other hand, you can use it to run your ethanol fireplace. If you use the means of our ethanol production for sealing smooth surfaces such as glass, we recommend cleaning in two steps beforehand. It provides sustainable as well as attractive protection. For this purpose, in addition to our bioethanol, it is best to use our qualitative cleaners. They represent a proven combination in sensitive areas of life and work. Following your cleaning, clean the surface again with your desired agent. This should have an alcohol content of at least 70 percent. Thus, before sealing, remove all residues, unsightly stains and fingerprints.

Not only sealed – also disinfected

The ethanol content in our quality products is above average at 96.6 percent ethylene alcohol. After all, their basis is sustainable biomass. Nevertheless, our detergents offer a strong performance. Thanks to it, you reliably seal not only smooth surfaces. Also, the ingredients of bioalcohol provide a disinfecting effect. It benefits workplaces as well as the private environment. The use of this is simply uncomplicated. Simply apply your highly degreasable ethanol to the surface you want to clean. A microfiber cloth or a ceramic wool sponge will further facilitate your pre-cleaning.