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Car / camper windshield set (private label – neutral)

Windscreen set (Private Label)

✓ Easy handling

✓ Environmentally friendly

✓ All-in-one set



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SKU: V24-SET-V9500

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Windshield set in neutral PE blister pack

Product features

2 x alcohol pre-cleaning cloth + 2 x sealing cloth for the windshield

1 x microfiber cloth for re-polishing 30x30cm

  • Clear, colorless liquid, invisible and imperceptible
  • Excellent easy-to-clean effect for dirt adherence
  • Water, oil and dirt repellency, rain and snow roll off the pane, dirt, bird droppings, insects and ice can no longer adhere firmly
  • Makes ice scraping much easier in winter
  • From approx. 70 km / h, rain rolls off while driving, even without a windshield wiper, and ensures a clear view
  • Durable approx. 25,000 km or up to a year
  • Reduces the growth of microorganisms and bacteria, improves hygiene
  • Resistant to frost, extreme heat, UV radiation, salt water and salty air, minerals from hard water and alkalis, road salt resistant
  • Physiologically harmless

2 x disposable protective glove

1x PE blister suitable for disc set

  • Surfaces stay clean much longer, which extends cleaning cycles and significantly reduces costs, time and energy for cleaning and maintenance
  • Chemical cleaning agents are no longer required (sealing but also chemical-resistant to cleaning agents, up to pH 12)
  • UV-stable / frost-resistant / salt water-resistant / invisible (layer thickness: 100-150nm)
  • Can easily be reapplied when the effect fades


All surfaces to be treated must be dry and well cleaned. Contamination, dirt and
Dust on the surface also absorb the coating and can thus lead to higher
consumption, areas not optimally wetted and reduced durability.
We recommend abrasive cleaning of the surfaces before application and then immediately before the
application, degrease with the supplied alcohol pre-cleaning wipe to ensure optimal chemical bonding to the substrate surface.
When coating auto glass be sure to additionally clean the wipers, so that
adhering granular particles do not rub on the coating.
Sealing cloth applied to the pre-cleaned dry surface by carefully polishing it in.
A thin film of liquid should form on the surface. If this film disappears again immediately, it must be re-dosed.
As soon as a slight gray haze (excess material) forms, the surface is saturated.
The dosage should be adjusted accordingly in order to work as material-saving as possible.
For the application we recommend a surface temperature of +5 to +25°C. Basically the
Application but possible at temperatures between -25°C to +80°C.
Allow the surface to tighten briefly for approx. one minute after application until the wet film dissolves and a
light gray haze forms.
Carefully and thoroughly polish out the gray haze with a clean microfiber cloth.
During and immediately after application, the surface should not come into contact with water.
Complete curing takes place after 24 hours.
The cured coating is absolutely invisible and does not result in any visual



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