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Leather & textile sealing

Oil or water stains on the new sofa. Awning fabric bleached by the sun. The car top – attacked by stubborn dirt.

Textiles and leather are often exposed to particular stress and quickly lose their beauty and value.

Seals made of liquid glass offer an effective remedy here! They make one water-, oil- and dirt-repellent protective shield – without any impairment or change in appearance, breathability, color or feel of the surface!

Discover our Professional liquid glass sealer for textiles such as upholstered furniture, fabric car seats or roofs, parasols, mattresses and ties to tents.

Our Professional liquid glass sealant for leather protects all smooth natural leathers such as sofas, armchairs, leather car seats, shoes, jackets, etc. We recommend ours for uncoated suede Textile sealing !

Our Premium sealing protects almost all types of textiles and paper from water, dirt and stains, and achieves even more extreme water repellency.