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Metal & plastic sealing

With our Professional liquid glass sealing for plastic and metal Smooth surfaces made of plastic, painted surfaces, stainless steel and metal have a hydrophobic and oleophobic effect : Dirt particles such as grease, oily substances, lime and substances from environmental pollution have less adhesion and can be easily removed, ie without the use of abrasive agents.

For more advanced use we also offer you two top products of the latest generation: The Metal Dura Easy On sealant that reaches an extreme degree of hardness (harder than car paint), and the ceramic sealer Permanent Protector , an absolute high-end product for the highest demands that requires professional use.

And your smartphone display can also be protected by liquid glass! Completely bubble-free and invisible, forms ours Cell phone sealing a scratch protection against micro-scratches, reduces fingerprints and the surface becomes very easy to clean. Scrolling becomes more pleasant and the Touch & Button functions are not impaired.