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Sealing for glass & ceramics

Liquid glass seals for glass and ceramics have a hydro- and oleophobic effect:

Water and fats are rejected. So dirt particles, greasy / oily substances, lime or other environmental pollution (such as algae, bird droppings and the like) can no longer adhere strongly and can be easily removed without the use of abrasive agents.

Our professional seals from Germany can be used indoors and outdoors. They are resistant to frost, extreme heat, UV radiation, salt water and salty air, minerals from hard water and alkalis. They are also food safe and invisible.

Find ours here Professional sealer for glass surfaces such as windows, doors, skylights, louvre windows, glass roofs, glass facades, entrance doors, balustrades, float / flat glass and much more.

Our Ceramic seal protects, for example, sanitary ceramics such as toilets, bidets, ceramic bathtubs, showers, sinks and mirrors, right up to swimming pools, ceramic tiles or ceramic surfaces in kitchens.

Also available if you need extra durability: a highly effective one Premium sealing for glass and ceramics . Perfectly suited for all surfaces on which you want to achieve the longest possible durability, e.g. window panes, glass facades, entrance doors (up to 3 years), canopies, winter gardens, etc.

Our Premium solar system sealing not only ensures more cleanliness, but also a proven increase in the efficiency of your system!

Would you like to seal your car windows? You will find the right product here .