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Questions and answers about liquid glass sealing

Do you have any questions? Then take a look at our FAQ section. Here we answer all important questions about products, the sealing process and much more.

My surface has already been treated with another product. Can I still seal them with V24 products?


Our seals are for untreated Surfaces designed. For this reason, we advise against treating surfaces that have already been processed with third-party products.

Our seals are for untreated Surfaces designed. For this reason, we advise against treating surfaces that have already been processed with third-party products.

If the remaining coating is still in place, the seal may be rejected and therefore have no effect or other interactions (staining).

With some surfaces and coatings it is of course possible to remove the previous seal, but we always recommend that you carry out an application test before applying a surface.

What is the best way to apply the sealant to stone / concrete floors?

We recommend using a foam painter’s roller (foam roller, lacquer roller, lacquer roller) to apply our stone and concrete seals, as this is the easiest way to ensure that the surface is evenly wetted.

The sealant should be applied crosswise until the surface is saturated.

Excess material that the surface does not absorb (puddles) should be picked up and rolled out immediately, as this could lead to slight darkening.

The advantage of this method compared to the spraying is

a) in the more controllable uniform distribution and wetting of the surface

b) in the material savings, since especially in the outdoor area some material ‘evaporates’ due to the wind and also in the area of the outer edges and joints material is lost.

Of course, the surface must be thoroughly cleaned with a residue-free cleaner before application and then completely dried.

Why are our seals only available online?

The costs for research and production are very high in the field of nanotechnology, a subsequent multi-level sales model via wholesalers and retailers would make the products significantly more expensive and make them unattractive in terms of price for many customers.

Through direct sales from the manufacturer, we can offer you a significantly lower price level.

Furthermore, many products are advice-intensive products that should only be used after carefully reading the product data sheets and application instructions in order to achieve an optimal result.

We can provide this information to the customer directly via our Online shop Offer.

Where is my product?

As soon as we have received your payment, we will ship your goods within 24 hours on weekdays for items that are available for immediate delivery.

Information on availability can be found on the article page in Shop .

You will automatically receive a shipping confirmation by email with a corresponding tracking link for your package, with which you can view the current status of your shipment at any time.