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Glass sealing in professional quality – Easy Care

**NEW** Highly effective glass sealant for:

✓ Window panes

✓ Glass facades

✓ entrance doors etc.,

✓ With lotus effect (water repellency)

✓ For inside and outside


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Highly effective glass sealing for window panes, glass facades, entrance doors etc., with lotus effect (water repellent), for inside and outside, NEW

High quality made in Germany.

Sealing your windows saves time and frustration – who likes to clean windows?

After a rainy and dingy winter, the first intense rays of sunshine in spring are often tell-tale. You look out of the window and suddenly realize that you urgently need to clean it because it is full of water stains, dirt and streaks. But who really likes cleaning their windows? The work is time consuming and often very frustrating because a streak-free glass really seems like a feat.
What have you not already tried because of it? Rubbing off with newspaper, using a steam cleaner, expensive window cleaners – afterwards, the pane is often not as clear as you would like it to be.


Product features

  • Easy-to-clean effect for dirt and limescale
  • High abrasion resistance thanks to SiO² nano technology
  • Chemical-resistant to cleaning agents (up to pH value 12)
  • Strong hydrophobic and oleophobic effect (water and oil repellency)
  • Cost, time and energy savings through extended cleaning cycles
  • Reduces the growth of microorganisms and bacteria and thus improves hygiene
  • UV-stable / frost-resistant / salt water-resistant / invisible
  • Self-cleaning effect on vertical glass surfaces in the rain
  • Simple application (re-coating possible at any time)
  • Shelf life: up to 3 – 5 years (depending on the use)

Scope of delivery:
1 x liter bottle, 1 x pump spray head, 1 x product description

Application example bathroom


  • Window glass (inside and outside)
  • Glass surfaces in the sanitary area (mirrors, shower cubicles)
  • Construction glass (winter gardens, greenhouses, canopies, wall glazing)
  • Car glass (side and inner windows – front window see special product)

The consumption depends on the structure of the surface: approx. 50-200m² / liter.

Easy to apply:
1.Pre-clean the surface very well (the cleaner, the longer the sealant lasts)
2. Spray on the sealant and rub it in
3. Let it harden for 12 hours – done



What are the advantages of window sealing?

We’ll tell you how you can take control of your windows for the next 2-3 years and reduce the effort involved in cleaning to a minimum:

Our above product is a so-called nano-sealing. The contained silicon dioxide particles (liquid glass) combine when applied and form a 100-150 nanometer thin layer on the glass, which is completely clear and does not cause any clouding.
This invisible film on the surface protects your windows with the well-known lotus effect. The water runs off completely, the annoying water stains – especially after a rain shower – are a thing of the past. Dirt, dust, bird droppings, etc. no longer stick and can be easily removed.

As a result, you have to clean your windows in the house far less often than you did before they were sealed. This is particularly noticeable in the case of roof windows, as their inclined position makes them even more susceptible to dirt than vertically installed windows.

How much work does it take to seal the window panes?

The time it takes to apply the sealant is very short and is probably even faster than cleaning the windows itself.

First of all, the window glass must be pre-cleaned intensively. With our BIOSATIVA pre-cleaner and the Bio-ethanol 96.6% this is a hassle-free process. These products from our shop remove all residues on the glass effectively and quickly. This is decisive for the later quality and durability of the seal.
When the preparatory work is finished, the actual sealing begins. The liquid glass is sprayed onto a cloth and then applied to the pane. After approx. 5 min. polish with a soft microfiber cloth.

After a curing time of 12 hours, the surface is completely sealed. A rain-free day is therefore ideal for the outside, so that the coating can dry out undisturbed and the nanoparticles of the liquid glass can combine completely.

Does sealing the windows outside AND inside make sense?

In any case, we recommend sealing both sides of the window. Certainly the dirt load on the inside is significantly less than on the outside. But here too, dust and grease form a film on the glass that should be removed from time to time. Anyone who has children, for example, is also familiar with the lovely little nose and hand prints on the windshield that are made when the youngsters have discovered something exciting outside. With our window sealing, these residues can be removed quickly and easily. You save time and nerves for more important things.

Protect your windows from scratches

Over the years, dirt rubbed off when cleaning the windows can cause the finest scratches in the glass. Here, too, the glass sealing has an extremely positive influence. It forms a protective layer on the surface, which on the one hand avoids scratches due to its strength and on the other hand prevents dust from adhering from the outset.

Use the time for the really important things in life

Enjoy spring instead of spending the time doing a window cleaning marathon. Thanks to our professional glass sealing, you will be saved a lot of work for up to 3 years. You should be worth it!




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