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Car glass sealing in professional quality

Highly effective sealing for car glass & caravans:

✓ Professional quality

✓ Get through the winter almost scratch-free

✓ Significantly improved visibility in bad weather

✓ From approx. 70 km/h, rain rolls off while driving even without windscreen wipers and ensures a clear view

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Highly effective sealing for car glass & caravans, professional quality, NEW, getting through the winter almost scratch-free, significantly improved visibility in bad weather

High quality made in Germany.

Product features

  • Clear, colorless liquid, invisible and imperceptible
  • Excellent easy-to-clean effect for dirt adherence
  • Water, oil and dirt repellency, rain and snow roll off the pane, dirt, bird droppings, insects and ice can no longer adhere firmly
  • Makes ice scraping much easier in winter
  • From approx. 70 km / h, rain rolls off while driving, even without a windshield wiper, and ensures a clear view
  • Durable approx. 25,000 km or up to a year
  • Reduces the growth of microorganisms and bacteria, improves hygiene
  • Resistant to frost, extreme heat, UV radiation, salt water and salty air, minerals from hard water and alkalis, road salt resistant
  • Physiologically harmless
  • Surfaces stay clean much longer, which extends cleaning cycles and significantly reduces costs, time and energy for cleaning and maintenance
  • Chemical cleaning agents are no longer required (sealing but also chemical-resistant to cleaning agents, up to pH 12)
  • UV-stable / frost-resistant / salt water-resistant / invisible (layer thickness: 100-150nm)
  • Can easily be reapplied when the effect fades

Scope of delivery:
1 x liter bottle
1 x pump spray head


  • All windows and mirrors on cars, caravans, motorcycles, etc.

The consumption depends on the structure of the surface approx. 100-200m² / liter.

Shelf life: Approx. 12 months



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