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Sealing of ships, boats and yachts

Why should a boat be sealed?

With your own boat you fulfill the dream of great freedom, but after buying it you quickly realize how much time goes into regular boat care . Boats in particular are objects that are exposed to a multitude of influences. With our V24 products, you have the perfect solution for optimum protection above the waterline and the interior.

Correct use of the products

For the best possible result and long-lasting protection, correct application of sealers and impregnators is essential.


Boats keep their shine as good as new even on water.

Before use, the surface to be treated must be cleaned extremely thoroughly. Because only with an absolutely clean surface can the seal connect optimally. We recommend our biological cleaner BIOSATIVA® to avoid the use of chemical cleaners due to the proximity to the water.

BIOSATIVA® is completely biodegradable and does not pose any risk to the environment or water. Once all surfaces have been cleaned, the sealing of the surfaces can now begin.

The right sealant for outdoors

The exterior of boats in particular is exposed to the weather, aggressive solar radiation and the effects of water. The right sealing is required here.

A professional seal lets your boat shine in new splendor for years to come.

For example, wooden floorboards on the deck , glass panes and portholes , paint , solar panels , plastic and metal objects on the deck can be sealed and protected.

In this way, new dirt simply rolls off with the next rain and even stubborn dirt is much easier to clean. The cleaning effort is minimized.


The seal forms an invisible glass coating that protects against external influences without changing the surface structure, the look and feel are retained.

Protect the interior properly!

But it is not only the outside area of boats that requires special care. The interior is also very susceptible to dirt, especially if the boat is visited by many people, such as a cruise ship, or is repeatedly chartered by new passengers.

V24 offers seals and impregnations for a variety of surfaces such as textiles , seating, cushions, beds, carpets, plastic coverings, plexiglass panes, stainless steel handrails , table and chair surfaces. In order to consciously prevent soiling and bacterial growth, the sealing and disinfection of these surfaces in accordance with the regulations is essential.

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How do you properly seal a boat?

The V24 seals are available for a wide variety of applications and in different quality levels, such as our easy-to-use “wipe-and-go” seals (super easy and quick to apply) to extremely durable industrial seals for professional use .

In order to guarantee the longevity of the seal, thorough pre-cleaning is required in most cases . The seal can then be applied simply by spraying it on or using a cloth . Usually within a few minutes , a protective layer is created that is invisible to the eye and protects your boat from now on for up to several months or even years. The shelf life and curing time vary from quality level to quality level.


Once sealed, cleaning is easier than ever!

Use of Bacoban long-term surface disinfection

Regardless of whether it is a motor boat or a sailing boat, when many people come together, the number of bacteria and viruses also increases. A hygiene problem can quickly arise, especially in narrow spaces. For this reason, it is essential to make certain preparations. Sealing the surfaces for an easy-to-clean effect facilitates regular cleaning and the disinfection of surfaces is also essential. The Bacoban ® surface disinfectant with a long-term effect is ideal for the latter purpose. With its long-term effect, it protects against various viruses, bacteria and other pathogens for up to 10 days.

What is V24 Liquid Glass Sealing for Motor & Sail Boats made of?

Q² Quantum Quartz is not just a simple brand, but an accurate description of the makeup of our technology. The seals are mainly based on SiO² (quartz) and are measured at the quantum level. The Q² Quantum Quartz protective layers have a thickness of 100 nm up to approx. 1μ / micrometer (our premium sealing 97640).

per shift, that is approx. 500 times thinner than a human hair.

With the high-end 9 H ceramic coating, V24 offers a professional product for vehicle and boat dressers that guarantees long-term protection for several years.

The high-end 9 H ceramic coating is a glass coating based on silanes. Due to its extremely thin and invisible structure, it has no influence on the appearance or the surface structure. The sealant is not a paint, wax or sealant, so it cannot peel or wash off. The coating forms a permanent (“covalent”) bond with the substrate and can only be removed by grinding.

After sealing, bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold have no chance!

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