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TiOSEPT® SG-55 long-term surface protection, 10 sets for 2m² each

Antimicrobial long-term protection for up to 18 months for smooth surfaces

✓ Transparent and invisible

✓ Water repellent

✓ Tested by independent testing institutes

✓ Ready-to-use sachet sets for pre-cleaning and sealing

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Antimicrobial liquid glass sealant effective for up to 18 months – 10 ready-to-use sachet sets for 2m² area each.

Long-term surface protection suitable for smooth surfaces: Glass, stainless steel, aluminum and treated wood

Product features

  • Eliminates bacteria (E.coli, S. aureus) and enveloped viruses (Corona, Ebola, Rota virus) up to 99.99%.
  • Prevents the settlement of yeast and mold fungi
  • Dermatologically tested “very good
  • Surfaces become easier and faster to clean (“easy-to-clean”)
  • For indoor and outdoor
  • Abrasion resistant (increased scratch resistance)
  • Simple and fast application
  • Surface hardness on glass 9H (TÜV test according to MSZ EN ISO 15184:2013)
  • Scratch hardness on glass 10N (TÜV test according to MSZ 9640/41:1983)
  • Contact angle 95° on glass and 91° on stainless steel, after 10.000 cleaning cycles 92° + 85° (tested by TÜV with water)
  • Layer thickness approx. 20 nm (nanometer)
  • Roughness: 6 nm on the surface
  • Sachets (individually packaged wet wipes)
  • Sachet 1: Pre-cleaning cloth, soaked with IPA (isopropanol) 99%.
  • Sachet 2: Sealing cloth, soaked with TiOSEPT® SG-55
  • Viscose nonwoven, plastic-free, 60 g/m²
  • Cloth size 150 x 240 mm
  • One cloth is enough for about 2 m²
  • BAUA Reg. No. N-104947


TiOSEPT® SG-55 ready-to-use sachet set for smooth surfaces glass, stainless steel, steel, aluminum plastic and treated wood.


It is recommended to wear disposable protective gloves. Application temperature 5 – 35°C.

  1. Clean the surface particularly carefully with commercially available cleaners. The better the cleaning, the longer the seal will last. Then dry the surface.
  2. Remove the alcohol pre-cleaning cloth from the sachet and thoroughly degrease the surface with it.
  3. Surface min. Allow to dry for 1 minute.

It is recommended to wear disposable protective gloves. Application temperature 5 – 35°C.

  1. Remove the sealing cloth from the sachet and wipe the surface with it once vertically and once horizontally. The cloth is enough for about 2m². It is important that you work quickly, because the cloth is dry after about 90 seconds.
  2. Allow surface to dry for at least 2 minutes (below 15°C = 10 minutes), do not touch for 10 minutes. Full cure after 10 hours. Repeat application if necessary. If there is a slight gray creep, it can be carefully polished away with a microfiber cloth.

Plastic surfaces become antimicrobial and gain increased hydrophobicity, scratch resistance is not changed. Application on polycarbonate and Plexiglas® is not recommended.


TiOSEPT® SG-55 store at +5 to +25°C. Protect from frost and direct sunlight.



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