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Universal seal 673 for “hard” / non-absorbent surfaces (paint / plastic +++, glass / ceramic ++, metal / stainless steel ++)

Highly effective professional universal sealer for "hard"/non-absorbent surfaces such as:

✓ Glass

✓ Ceramic surfaces

✓ Plastic surfaces

✓ Metal surfaces

✓ With easy-to-clean effect

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SKU: 4004-673-1000

Content: 1 l

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Delivery time: 3 working days


Universal sealing for “hard” / non-absorbent surfaces in professional quality – Made in Germany

Ideal for plastics and painted surfaces (layerable), can also be used on glass / ceramics; Metal and stainless steel

Item number: 4004-673

High quality made in Germany

V24 universal seal 4004-673 is an alcohol-based system that creates a temporary easy-to-clean effect on glass and ceramic surfaces as well as on certain metal surfaces (chrome, stainless steel, aluminum). The rubbed off material forms a thin film on the surface, which reduces the adhesion of dirt and foreign matter and allows water to simply roll off. Coated surfaces are particularly easy to clean and less dirty.

Product features

Chemistry:Inorganic-organic polymer, halogen-free, fluorine-free
Description:Universal sealant
Appearance:Liquid, colorless – pink
Dilution: Diluted ready to use
Concentration: 0.5-1.5% by weight
Handling:The important information on handling and safety can be found in the current safety data sheet. During processing, suitable personal protective equipment must be used.

Scope of delivery:
1 x liter bottle
1 x pump spray head


Our universal seals are particularly suitable for the do-it-yourself sector.

They combine a professional mode of action on different surfaces with easy handling during application. And all this without having to make any major compromises in terms of quality.

In this way, applications can be made on several materials with just one universal sealant and a high-quality effect and long durability can also be achieved.

However, for commercial and industrial applications where the highest possible level of performance is to be achieved on a specific surface, we recommend the use of our special finishes for that surface.



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