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Universal sealing 7675 for „hard“ / non-absorbent surfaces (glass / ceramic +++, stainless steel +++, plastic / metal ++)

**NEW** Highly effective professional universal seal for "hard"/non-absorbent surfaces such as:

✓ Glass

✓ Ceramic surfaces

✓ Plastic surfaces

✓ Metal surfaces

✓ With easy-to-clean effect

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+ + Product picture BIOSATIVA @. Sustainable cleaning agent on a biological basis. 100% natural and 100% organic. +
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Highly effective professional universal sealing for „hard“ / non-absorbent surfaces such as glass, ceramic, plastic and metal surfaces with easy-to-clean effect NEW, for inside and outside, NEW

Ideal for glass / ceramic and stainless steel, also applicable to plastics and metal

High quality made in Germany.

V24 universal sealant 4005-7675 is an alcohol-based (IPA) coating material that creates an easy-to-clean effect on glass, plastic, ceramic and metal surfaces (chrome, stainless steel, aluminum). The material creates a thin film on the surface, which reduces the adhesion of dirt and foreign matter and allows water to roll off better. The coated surface is particularly easy to clean

Product features

  • Delivered ready to use
  • lets water roll off better
  • Easy-to-clean effect with regard to dirt and limescale
  • clear, colorless liquid, invisible and imperceptible
  • Surfaces stay clean much longer, which extends cleaning cycles and significantly reduces costs, time and energy for cleaning and maintenance
  • reduces the growth of microorganisms and bacteria and thus improves hygiene
  • Resistant to frost, extreme heat, UV radiation, salt water and salty air, minerals from hard water and alkalis
  • Algae and bird droppings can no longer adhere firmly

Scope of delivery:
1 x liter bottle
1 x pump spray head


  • Sanitary ware (toilets, bidets, ceramic bathtubs, showers, sinks, mirrors)
  • Swimming pools (ceramic outside, not suitable for underwater)
  • All types of ceramic tiles, e.g. in kitchens
  • Window and construction glass (winter gardens, high-rise buildings, canopies)
  • Plastic and metal surfaces
  • For car glass we recommend ours Premium car glass sealing

Easy to apply:
1.Pre-clean the surface very well (the cleaner, the longer the sealant lasts)
2. Before use, clean again with alcohol (e.g. isopropyl)
3. Spray the sealant onto a cloth and apply it to the surface
4. After 5 minutes, carefully polish with a microfiber cloth without applying pressure
5. Let it harden for 12 hours – done

Shelf life: 3-10 years

Up to 200m² can be sealed with 1 liter.


Our universal seals are particularly suitable for the do-it-yourself sector.

They combine a professional mode of action on different surfaces with easy handling during application. And all this without having to make any major compromises in terms of quality.

In this way, applications can be made on several materials with just one universal sealant and a high-quality effect and long durability can also be achieved.

However, for commercial and industrial applications where the highest possible level of performance is to be achieved on a specific surface, we recommend the use of our special finishes for that surface.



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