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Sample: Concrete sealer with depth effect – 3001-7620

For all mineral stone surfaces such as concrete, masonry, mineral plaster and paving stones

✓ Water-repellent & abrasion-resistant nano-coating with lotus effect (water repellency)

✓ Easy-to-clean effect: dirt does not stick and can be easily removed

✓ Absolutely invisible: No change in the look and feel of the surface

✓ Surface remains breathable

✓ Prevents the growth of moss, lichen, fungi and many other natural influences

14,99 (149,90 / l)

SKU: 3001-7620-muster

Content: 0,1 l

Inventory : In stock

Delivery time: 7 working days


Sample our Concrete sealing for test application or sealing of smaller areas.



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