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Microfibre cloth 40x40cm for pre-cleaning or polishing, yellow

Microfiber cloth for pre-cleaning or final polishing:

✓ Reusable

✓ Environmentally friendly

✓ Extremely absorbent

✓ Quick drying

✓ Lint free

✓ Scratch free

✓ 80% Polyester / 20% Polyamide

✓ Dry weight 280g/sqm

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Microfiber cloth for pre-cleaning or final polishing.

Due to the high absorbency, we also recommend this Microfiber cloth for applying our liquid glass sealants

We recommend using a separate microfiber cloth for each step of applying our surface sealers and impregnations.

If dirt still sticks to the cloth after cleaning, the surface is not yet completely and optimally cleaned. A good sealing effect can only be achieved when there is no longer any dirt on the surface.

Product features

Composition: 80% polyester, 20% polyamide
Size: 40x40cm

High quality with a dry weight of 280g / sqm.


Universally usable indoors and outdoors. Optimal size for cleaning glass, ceramics, boats, cars and mobile homes.

Non-pilling, scratch-free and quick-drying cleaning. Dirt and dust particles are absorbed with almost no residue.

The material is reusable and therefore very environmentally friendly. Easily washable in the washing machine without detergent.



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