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Sealing for ceramics in professional quality – Easy Care

**NEW** Highly effective sealing for:

✓ Ceramics

✓ e.g. in bathrooms (toilets, sinks, tiles)

✓ With lotus effect (water repellency)

✓ For inside and outside

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Highly effective sealing for ceramics, e.g. in bathrooms (toilets, sinks, tiles) with lotus effect (water repellent), for inside and outside
outside, NEW

High quality made in Germany

Our sealer for ceramics is a state-of-the-art liquid glass sealer specifically designed for use on ceramic surfaces. This innovative product is ideal for use in bathrooms and other areas where ceramic surfaces are common. Liquid glass technology protects and preserves the beauty of your ceramic tiles, sinks, toilets and bathtubs by creating an invisible, ultra-thin protective layer. This layer makes the surface water repellent, stain resistant and easier to clean. Thus, the bathroom sealant ensures a permanently clean and well-groomed appearance of your bathroom surfaces.

Beautiful modern bathroom with older interior

Product features

  • Easy-to-clean effect for dirt and limescale
  • High abrasion resistance thanks to SiO² nano technology
  • Chemical-resistant to cleaning agents (up to pH 12)
  • Strong hydrophobic and oleophobic effect (water and oil repellency)
  • Cost, time and energy savings through extended cleaning cycles
  • Food safe
  • Shelf life: up to 3 – 5 years (depending on the use)
  • Reduces the growth of microorganisms and bacteria and thus improves hygiene
  • UV-stable / frost-resistant / salt water-resistant / invisible
  • Self-cleaning effect on vertical glass surfaces in the rain
  • Simple application (re-coating possible at any time)

Scope of delivery:
1 x liter bottle
1 x pump spray head


  • Glazed ceramic surfaces (toilets, sinks, sinks, bathtubs)
  • Glazed floor and wall tiles

The consumption depends on the structure of the surface approx. 50-200m² / liter.

Easy to apply:
1.Pre-clean the surface very well (the cleaner, the longer the sealant lasts)
2. Spray on the sealant and rub it in
3. Let it harden for 12 hours – done

Modern beautiful bathtub with details

Areas of application – The perfect sealant for the bathroom

Toilets sealing

A sealant for ceramics provides your toilet with several benefits that improve both its aesthetics and its hygiene and functionality. A sealed toilet is easier to clean because the sealant creates a surface that repels dirt and water. This reduces the accumulation of bacteria, germs and dirt, resulting in a more hygienic environment in your bathroom. In addition, the toilet is easier to clean due to the lotus effect, so cleaning is less time-consuming.

Washbasin sealing

Sealing your sink offers several benefits, including improved hygiene through easier cleaning and reduced bacteria buildup. The sealant protects the ceramic surface from wear and discoloration, which keeps the sink attractive longer. Our bathroom sealant also makes stains like lime or hairspray glue easier to clean.

White ceramic toilet

Tile sealing

Sealing your glazed bathroom tiles provides protection from dirt, water stains, and lime scale, making cleaning easier and keeping the tiles looking attractive longer. Sealing increases hygiene in the bathroom by reducing the adhesion of bacteria and mold.

Bathtub sealing

Especially sealing a bathtub with our nanosealing is useful. Due to the size, scrubbing can be tedious. Due to the Easy-To-Clean effect, dirt and limescale adhere less easily and can be removed more easily. In addition, bacteria accumulation is prevented and mold growth is reduced.

Ceramic tiles with plant
What is a sealant for ceramics and what is it used for?

A sealer for ceramics is a special coating designed to protect ceramic surfaces and prolong their life. It is mainly used on tiles, sinks, bathtubs, toilets and other ceramic surfaces in bathrooms. The sealant forms an invisible, ultra-thin protective layer on the ceramic that is water-repellent, stain-resistant and easy to clean.

What are the advantages of sealing for ceramic surfaces?

The sealant forms an invisible, ultra-thin protective layer on the ceramic that is water-repellent, stain-resistant and easy to clean. This makes the surface more hygienic, resistant and stays fresh longer.

How does a ceramic sealant differ from a sealer for ceramic surfaces?

A ceramic sealer and a sealer for ceramic surfaces can easily be confused, as both terms contain ceramics. Here are the differences:

1. ceramic sealant: a ceramic sealant refers to a type of coating used to protect vehicles or other surfaces. It consists of nanoceramic particles that form a durable protective layer on the surface. This protective coating provides improved durability, protection against UV rays, scratches, chemicals, oxidation and other environmental influences. Ceramic sealing is often used on car paints, glass, plastics and metals.

2. sealer for ceramic surfaces: A sealer for ceramic surfaces refers to a protective agent specifically designed for use on ceramic surfaces, such as tile, sanitary ware, or ceramic tile. Such a sealing for ceramics is our nano-sealing.



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