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Liquid glass sealing of glass panes

This video describes two ways of sealing glass panes. For demonstration purposes, a disk was divided into two halves by adhesive tape. The left half should be treated with universal sealing , the right half with the special product glass-ceramic sealing .

First, the entire glass pane is cleaned with ethanol & isopropanol – this is the familiar, standard procedure before liquid glass is applied. Pre-cleaning is always the most important aspect when sealing with liquid glass.

The liquid glass is applied to both products with a cloth . The glass-ceramic seal requires even greater care and precision than the universal seal. The glass is rubbed in until the cloth is dry.

After a waiting time of 10 minutes, the glass pane is polished on both sides with a microfiber cloth.

An important note is given in the video: The universal sealant is already cured after approx. 10 hours . The glass-ceramic seal , on the other hand, requires a good 20 hours , twice the waiting time before the area can be used as usual.

In industry there is also the possibility of heating the air and thus causing it to harden immediately.

The shelf life of the special seal is significantly longer than that of the universal product, but the latter is just as sufficient for short-term applications.