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Water-based car paint sealing with liquid glass

This video shows very clearly how easily and quickly sealing a car works.

Here, too, the primary focus is on pre-cleaning the surface. The be-all and end-all of any seal, because on the one hand no dirt should be trapped by the liquid glass, and on the other hand there is a risk that the surface coating cannot cross-link, since most dirt particles and grease residues are thicker than the liquid glass sealant even.


Proper preparation

Biosativa cleaner is used here, which thoroughly removes all dirt and grease from the car. It should be noted that the car is dirtier in certain areas than elsewhere and that one or the other repetition of the pre-cleaning may be necessary. The big advantage of the Biosativa cleaner is that the agent was produced completely organically and is completely biodegradable.

The liquid glass is then applied. You should be quick here, as it dries up quickly and otherwise more of it is needed. Normally, however, 50 ml is enough to seal a complete car. Paint , window pane , plastic cover – everything can be rubbed with the product with the help of a cloth .

The result

Then a bucket of water is poured over the sealed car in the video. The lotus effect is immediately visible – all of the water rolls off within a very short time. No drops, no edges of water remain.

The shelf life of the water-based car paint sealant is 2-3 months. Products are also offered that protect the paintwork for up to 12 months – the application is the same.