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Sealing of campers, mobile homes and caravans

Why should you seal motorhomes, caravans and campers?

Whether as a home for the summer vacation that moves back into the garage for the rest of the year, or as a permanent home on four wheels without a fixed place of residence. The care and maintenance of your own caravan, camper, mobile home or caravan is a prerequisite for a carefree long life on four wheels and limited square meters. Thorough care is required to ensure that your motorhome or leisure vehicle is protected in the best possible way and that its value is retained. Here in particular it makes sense to think about long-term sealing in addition to the vehicle wash, since a lot of money has often been invested to make the dream come true.

How do you properly seal campers, mobile homes or caravans?

In order to offer the right protection for your vehicle, the right choice of seal is required: The V24 seals and impregnations are offered in different quality levels, ranging from easy-to-use “wipe-and-go” seals (easy and quick to apply) to extremely durable industrial seals for professional use and 9H ceramic seals are enough.


With V24 nano sails, your darling is protected with an invisible protective layer even on long journeys

Thorough pre-cleaning is essential in any case to ensure the longevity of the applied seal and optimal protection. The seal can then be applied by simply spraying it on or using a microfiber cloth . After just a few minutes (depending on the type of sealing), a protective layer that is invisible to the eye is created, which then protects your vehicle for up to several months or even years. The shelf life and curing times vary from quality level to quality level.


A brilliant appearance with V24 seals on all campsites


Longevity and value retention through professional care

The problems inside and outside

Sealing for the interior

Campers are true space miracles, but of course they are very limited in terms of space, which is why cleaning is often a little complicated. Especially when many people live together in a small space, pollution, bacteria and virus accumulations can increase.

If you make the right preparations in advance, then the whole thing is not a problem. If the surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and then treated with a V24 liquid glass sealant / impregnation, dirt, moisture and pathogens have a hard time settling.

All textiles (seat upholstery, beds, cushions, curtains, leather covers, curtains), all plastic surfaces(toilet, washbasin, shelves), wood, glass and even stainless steel can be protected.

Sealing ensures that dirt, bacteria and viruses have a hard time settling on the surfaces.

In combination with our V24 surface sealants and impregnations, our long-term surface disinfectant BACOBAN® is the perfect protection against bacteria, fungi, viruses and other pathogens.

Especially when used by multiple families or rentals, it is important to provide some protection to increase the life of your mobile home and also protect yourself, your loved ones and other residents from possible illnesses.

So nothing stands in the way of carefree fun while camping and the camper world is in order.

Sealing for the outside area

Not only the interior of motorhomes is exposed to a lot of stress. The exterior in particular has to endure numerous environmental influences and hardships.

In addition to weather influences and UV radiation, sea air, salt water or acid rain can also leave permanent damage on various surfaces. There are also bird droppings and insects, which can quickly burn into the surface in the sun and are then very difficult to remove using chemical cleaners.

For this reason, it is also important here to make certain preparations to ensure optimal protection for the caravan or mobile home.

For this protection, we offer numerous seals for the corresponding surfaces. We offer the right product for painted surfaces as well as for glass , windows , rims and any type of metallic surface. This gives you the opportunity to protect your belongings against almost any form of external influence.

With the help of a thorough, residue-free pre-cleaning you create the perfect basis for an optimal application of the seal. If applied correctly and then allowed to dry, it can protect your vehicle for many months or even several years.

All treated surfaces can then be easily cleaned with water or using our biological cleaner BIOSATIVA ® without the use of chemical products.


Keep the shine for a lifetime with sealing.

The solution: V24 seals for campers, mobile homes and caravans

The seal with all-round protection!

With the sealants from V24 you can protect almost all surfaces and materials in your camper, motorhome or caravan.

In this way, they will maintain the brand-new look of their vehicle for a long time to come and protect it from premature ageing, soiling and damage.

And in combination with our long-term surface disinfectant BACOBAN ® you can also protect interior surfaces from bacteria, viruses and other pathogens and thus enjoy complete all-round protection.

What is V24 sealing for campers, mobile homes and caravans made of?

Basically, one could answer “quartz sand”, because the so-called liquid glass technology (liquid glass) is mainly based on SiO² (silicon dioxide), i.e. quartz. Quartz sand is also the basic material in glass production.

In principle, it is an ultra -thin (500 times thinner than a human hair), flexible and invisible protective glass layer on the treated surface. This is characterized by extreme temperature resistance (depending on the type up to 700° C), chemical resistance and a long service life .

This high durability is achieved by a so-called covalent (permanent) connection that our V24 seals enter into with the surface. The sealant cannot flake off or simply be washed off like a polish, protective lacquer or wax.


Once sealed, cleaning is easier than ever.

Motorhome Caravan Campers
Special polish & sealing 2in1
WB Rapid On
deep shine
Sealer & Finisher
Car paint & rim sealing Permanent protector
High-end 9H ceramic coating
7650 Permanent Protector PRO EASY ON 9H Ceramic Sealer for Car Paint
Item number 2001-7660 5002-7654 2003-7656 8000-7640 8050-7650
Application very easy
apply and polish
very easy
Apply and polish carefully
good pre-cleaning
Careful application and polishing after curing time
Professional application professional application with easy handling
Application temperature -25°C to 80°C 0°C to 45°C -25°C to 80°C +5°C to 35°C +5°C to 35°C
Durability up to 3 months up to 3 months about 1 year up to 72 months Until 60 months
Curing time 12 hours at 20°C
(usable after one hour)
5 min
(usable immediately)
12 hours at 20°C
(usable after one hour)
7 days at room temperature
(usable after 5 hours)
7 days at 20°C, 1 day at 60°C (usable after 2 hours)
Pearl effect medium high high high high
Gloss effect high high high high high
Scratch resistance + + + + + + + + + + +
fertility approx. 20-40 ml/m² approx. 10 ml/m² approx. 5-10 ml/m² approx. 10 ml/m² approx. 5-10 ml/m²
Consistency Emulsion, solvent-free
(no waxes or silicones)
Liquid, water-based Liquid, alcohol-based Liquid, solvent-based Liquid, solvent-based
Frost resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
UV-resistant Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Link to the product Special polish & sealing 2in1 WB Rapid On Car paint & rim sealing Permanent protector Permanent Protector PRO EASY ON 9H ceramic sealant for car paint