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Monument Stone – Stone & Concrete Liquid Glass Sealer

Oil, water and dirt repellent liquid glass sealant for stone & concrete surfaces

✓ Long-term protection through chemical substrate binding

✓ Highly oil, water and dirt repellent

✓ Long-term protection on monument stone

✓ Reduction of algae and moss growth

✓ Non-stick effect

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SKU: 3009-8637-1

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Our Monument Stone high-performance seal effectively and permanently protects high-quality concrete stone products from general contamination by water, food and oils.

Product features

High-performance sealing for stone and concrete block products to reduce the general tendency to soiling with water, food and oils

Item number: 3009-8637

High quality made in Germany

product safety

Information on the classification of the product within the framework of the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances, safety data and data on toxicology and storage can be found in our safety data sheet.


The information on the associated safety data sheet (SDS) must be observed.

V24 Monument Stone should be stored in a dry, well-ventilated and cool (20°C) place. Keep / store only in the tightly closed original container. Protect from direct sunlight. If stored properly, the minimum shelf life is 12 months from the date of manufacture.

A longer storage period does not necessarily mean that the product is unusable, however, in terms of quality assurance, the properties desired for the intended use should be checked.

✓ Water-based high-performance impregnation

✓ Works for up to 10 years

✓ Particularly suitable for long-term protection on monuments

✓ highly concentrated

✓ Long-term protection through chemical substrate binding

✓ Alkali-resistant up to pH 10-11*

✓ Non-stick effect

✓ Highly oil, water and dirt repellent

✓ Alkali resistant

✓ Reduced efflorescence

✓ Minimization of dirt adhesion

✓ Reduction of algae and moss growth

✓ reduces resoiling

✓ Open to vapor diffusion

✓ dries quickly and tack-free

✓ High UV stability

✓ Ready-to-use solution

✓ invisible


  • V24 Monument Stone – liquid glass sealing is applied undiluted to the pre-cleaned and dried surface, as this is the only way to ensure deep penetration of the sealing, which causes an optimal long-term and deep effect.
  • The sealing is evenly and thinly applied to the substrate until the surface appears matt damp.
  • It is applied with a brush, foam roller, microfiber cloth or by spraying.
  • Puddle formation is to be avoided. Excess waterproofing agent must be removed from the substrate.
  • After application, the V24 Monument Stone must remain in contact with the surface as a liquid film for several seconds.
  • Full functionality occurs after 48 hours at room temperature drying. Deep drying can also vary depending on the substrate.

A detailed application description can be found in our data sheet

Highly effective liquid glass sealing for monument – stone and concrete block products.

✓ Concrete (articles)

✓ Stone (Articles)

✓ Slab and paving stone systems

✓ Monument stones



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