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Roof sealing with long-term and deep effect – premium quality

Highly effective professional sealer for roof tiles, bricks and slate

✓ Easy-to-clean effect: dirt does not adhere and can be easily removed

✓ Absolutely invisible: unchanged look and feel of the surface

✓ Long-lasting depth effect over many years

✓ Surface remains breathable

✓ Water-repellent lotus pearl effect


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Our roof sealing effectively and permanently protects roof tiles, bricks and slate from the weather, water and dirt. The surface remains breathable and open to diffusion.

Product features

Highly effective professional sealing for roof tiles, bricks and slate, with depth effect and lotus effect (water repellent)

High quality made in Germany.

product safety

Information on the classification of the product within the framework of the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances, safety data and data on toxicology and storage can be found in our safety data sheet.


V24 roof tile sealing must not be brought into contact with moisture. Storage should take place at temperatures between -10 ° C and +40 ° C.

V24 roof tile sealing has an unlimited shelf life in the original closed container.

Scope of delivery:
1 x liter bottle
1 x pump spray head

✓ Effective permanent surface protection against water, dirt and weathering

✓ prevents the growth of mosses, lichens, fungi and other natural influences

✓ no change in the look and feel of the surface (absolutely invisible)

✓ extreme abrasion resistance due to long-chain silicon compounds (SiO²)

✓ Long-lasting depth effect due to high penetration depths of up to 25mm (depending on the absorbency of the stone)

✓ The surface remains breathable (open to diffusion), so there is no barrier layer and no waterlogging

✓ absolutely frost-resistant (ice and snow do not cause any damage)

✓ UV stable

✓ Easy-to-clean effect: dirt does not adhere and can be easily removed

✓ Durable for many years, as the seal forms a covalent (permanent) bond with the surface

✓ Skin-friendly and food-safe

✓ environmentally friendly

✓ Can be applied at -10 to + 70 ° C


  • V24 roof tile sealing is delivered ready-to-use and applied undiluted to the pre-cleaned and dried surface.
  • The sealant must not come into contact with water and under no circumstances should it be applied when it is raining or on damp surfaces.
  • The application should be carried out by spraying or rolling. The optimal method depends on the size, position, structure and absorbency of the area to be treated
  • After application, the V24 roof tiles remain in contact with the surface as a film of liquid for several seconds.
  • The coating is completely crosslinked and cured after 24 hours.

A detailed application description can be found in our data sheet

Suitable for roof tiles, bricks and slate.

✓ Bricks & masonry (approx. 20-30m² / liter)

✓ Roof tiles (approx. 15-25m² / liter)

✓ Slate (approx. 15-30m² / liter), attention: slate gets darker color (deepening of color)



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