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Disinfectant for gastronomy with a long-term effect

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In the current situation, conscientious disinfection in gastronomy is essential

Disinfectants for the catering industry for surface disinfection, hand disinfection and shoe disinfection .

The point has always been Hygiene and disinfection in the catering industry a very important topic that was also strictly controlled by the health department. In the current corona pandemic, the Compliance with hygiene regulations even more important to ensure the smooth operation of your own business.

the Hygiene rules not only concern Restaurants , but also smaller businesses like Bars and cafes or Snacks or Delivery services . Therefore, it is essential for every company to share with Hygiene experts and lawyers a individual hygiene concept develop and make arrangements for that ongoing industrial hygiene hold true.

As soon as that Hygiene concept with professional help can be innovative via Disinfectant with a long-term effect and cheap Disinfectant concentrates can easily be ordered online.

Application note : Use disinfectants carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.
The long-lasting antimicrobial effects of Bacoban ® WB must not lead to the omission of necessary disinfection measures in the case of visible and / or questionable contamination! Biocide Reg. No.: N-28795 (D). 263/17/L (Lu)

What types of disinfection are there?

Surface disinfectants for gastronomy – surface hygiene

The surface disinfection of tables, chairs and other surfaces is the A&O in gastronomy.

Pathogens such as viruses or bacteria can survive on surfaces for months and over Hands or other contact passed on and distributed . Particularly in the catering industry, it is important within the framework of the Surface hygiene to clean, especially when using Food is being worked on. Especially in the kitchen and the Processing of poultry or meat It can quickly lead to the transmission of various germs, which in retrospect significantly cloud the enjoyment and which Health of employees and guests can endanger. at incorrect handling or neglect of surface hygiene can cause food infections bacteria or other Pathogens such as salmonella, campylobacter or viruses such as noroviruses be evoked.

Often you do not notice any contamination in the food. the harmful microorganisms then arrive at Preparation process on the work surfaces, where they can be spread further through skin contact or other kitchen utensils. Therefore, it is important to keep the surfaces continuously Surface disinfectants to be cleaned again and again. Especially in companies like Commercial kitchens where it can get very stressful should be under the Surface hygiene be cleaned again and again so that the guests can enjoy their meal without worries. Depending on the company, there are other areas that require special care. These include, for example Counters, chairs, benches, tables , Sanitary facilities and other contact areas. Wherever there are people, viruses and other bacteria are also present. Normal disinfectants offer quick protection and work quickly, but their effectiveness is only short-lived.

Bacoban surface disinfection – effectiveness against bacteria, fungi and viruses

Fight viruses, bacteria and fungi effectively with Bacoban

Bacoban® in addition to disinfection also offers a Long-term effect , the b is up to 10 days for a virus-killing effect cares. The germs, pathogens and viruses are killed during disinfection, but the sealing protects the surfaces against renewed contamination for a longer period of time. After the disinfectant has evaporated, a so-called nano-sponge is formed, which protects the surfaces from renewed contamination for up to 10 days.

Important : The antimicrobial retentive effect of Bacoban ® DL must not lead to the omission of necessary disinfection measures in the case of visible and / or questionable contamination! Use disinfectants carefully. Always read the label and product information before use. Biocide Reg. No.: N-28795 (D). 263/17/L (Lu)

Testing according to DVV / RKI guidelinesExposure time
Limited virucidal (enveloped viruses incl. Coronavirus ,
HIV, HBV, HCV, Influenza, Herpes, Ebolavirus ….)
5 min
Rotavirus5 min
Norovirus30 min
Papillomavirus (HPV)60 min
Testing according to DGHM guideline (with mechanics, high load)
bactericidal and yeasticidal5 min

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With our disinfectant concentrates for surface hygiene save our customers from the restaurateurs hard cash , have to less transportation costs pay and avoid a lot of rubbish . From our 5 liters of concentrate you can easily add up to 500 liters (!) Of disinfectant can be mixed on site. You can find more about the mixture table and the correct dilution for the respective application on the product pages.

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Hand disinfectant for the catering industry

Hand disinfection for employees and guests with a disinfectant dispenser.

Since especially about the Hands and skin contact Germs and other pathogens can be distributed easily and, above all, very quickly, it is important in the catering and public areas not only to offer employees, but also guests the opportunity for optimal protection. You can do that with very simple tools such as Disinfectant dispensers directly at the entrance or areas like the Sanitary rooms realize. Guests can use disinfectant to remove contamination from their hands before consuming food or other foods. In the sanitary area, too, it is essential to add additional disinfectants to soaps and other conventional cleaning agents. Cleaning with soap and water is more about removing obvious contaminants, whereas one is Cleaning with disinfectant is much more effective and kills bacteria and germs in a more targeted manner.

The application of hand sanitizer

It is not only important to have a high-quality product, but also to use it correctly. The product should always be applied to the dry palms of the hands. Make sure that you do not save on material. Thereafter, the disinfectant must be at least Rubbed in with both hands for 30 seconds will. It is important that all skin areas are wetted so that optimal protection can be guaranteed. The guest himself is no longer a potential distributor of germs and other pathogens, and can enjoy his stay in the respective establishment without worries.

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Shoe disinfectant for the catering trade

Shoe disinfectants for work shoes in gastronomy prevent unpleasant odors and ensure effective shoe hygiene.

Employees in the catering industry should also rely on one effective shoe hygiene take care not to distribute germs unnecessarily. In particular, it can also be used for longer periods Wearing work shoes If used improperly, bacteria and fungal growth can multiply. This not only leads to an unpleasant smell, it is also quite unpleasant for the user of the shoes and can significantly affect everyday work. Therefore, when it comes to foot and shoe hygiene, care should not only be taken to ventilate the shoes regularly and to always put on new socks, but also to do so Treat shoes with disinfectant from time to time . We recommend the Pedaxan shoe disinfection which convinces among other things by the simple and fast handling and the long-term effect. They also impress with a pleasant fragrance which leads to a pleasant freshness when worn.

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More tips on our disinfection products for the catering trade

In addition to disinfection, surfaces should be treated regularly with a cleaning agent.

No matter how good a disinfectant, if it is used incorrectly, it will still lose its effectiveness. It is therefore important to have the desired area (work surfaces, usable surfaces, hands or shoes) in front of it rough before cleaning around remove obvious dirt . The second step should be with a normal Cleaning agent over the surfaces are gone, which is then rinsed again with water. Now the surfaces are ready for the disinfectant and it can develop its full potential. It is essential to ensure the correct dosage, complete wetting and the correct exposure time. Allow the surfaces to air dry, in some cases it may be necessary to wipe them over again with a dry cloth unnecessary disinfectant residues to remove.

Buy biological cleaning agents for the catering industry offers innovative and highly effective cleaning agents for cleaning surfaces. For example, discover our award-winning Organic cleaner biosativa or the Stainless steel cleaner BLU1000 :

What other errors and deficiencies can occur?


If the above points are not observed, the disinfectant cannot work 100% and protection against germs and contamination cannot be optimally guaranteed. Cleaning agents that are not completely removed in advance can even partially cancel out or weaken the effectiveness of the disinfectant. Accordingly, it is also beneficial Always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and the safety data sheet for the disinfectant to read so that it can develop its full effect.


Not only does the right disinfectant play a role, the correct handling also determines how effective the agent can be. Since there are a multitude of different means, it is important to ensure in advance that you always have the right one at hand for the respective purpose. From highly concentrated surface disinfectants, hand disinfectants in various designs and scents to shoe disinfectants, there is a very large selection. By observing a few rules and hygiene standards, you are on the safe side and can offer your employees and guests a germ-free and virus-free environment in which you enjoy being.

We recommend that you keep in constant contact with cleaning experts and lawyers for the catering industry.

If you have any questions about our products, please contact our team of specialists .