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Stone & concrete sealing

Liquid glass sealants for stone and concrete penetrate deep into the structure of the surface.

After hardening, there is optimal protection against soiling and discoloration, abrasion and, above all, the ingress of water. In this way, the appearance is retained, moss, algae or mold have no chance of settling. Cleaning is made much easier – clear water is usually sufficient. Breathable products also allow the stones to naturally regulate moisture and thus prevent the accumulation of rising moisture.

Our professional sealants from Germany for stone and concrete remain highly effective for at least 10-20 years.

Here you will find breathable products for inside and outside for the surfaces concrete and stone .

Specialized products for granite , Cobblestones , Roof tiles , Sandstone and Natural stone are optimally adapted to the special needs of the surface. We also have the right product for long-term protection on monuments and other high-quality stone products: Monument Stone .

Also available: a special one Sealers against graffiti and a non-breathable, extremely water-repellent one universal concrete and stone sealing .